The farm “Lici” was registered in 1991. In the beginning, its business was growing and selling vegetables. This activity was successful in view of the fact that the produce was never sold to buyers-up, the owners themselves carried out the intermediary work.

In 1998, the owners opened the cafe “Zemnieka cienasts”, which was built and furnished using their own resources, and which came as a result of understanding that it is impossible to survive within the increasing competition only by growing vegetables. Cosiness awaits the guests of the cafe. You can enjoy the vegetables grown in the farm “Lici” there.

Taking notice of the satisfaction and pleasure of the guests after a hefty meal, as well as their unhurried leaving, a playground for children and a mini-golf course were opened for the guests on May 26th, 1999.

As the flow of the guests was increasing constantly, since November 18th, 2000, the customers are welcomed in the restaurant hall “The drawing-room”, built next to the cafe.

In 2001, the mini-golf course was extended and, additionally, a large lawn was laid out for various events and sports activities to take place.

Since the summer of the year 2002, the guests are awaited in the little hotel “The Night’s Lodging”. In addition, the guests can enjoy a warm sweating shelf in the riverside bathhouse.

Taking notice of the great demand for small banqueting halls, since 2004, was opened “The Activity-room”, which is making parties up to 50 guests.

During the spring of the year 2005, in the little hotel “The Night’s Lodging” were opened three new rooms with a shower and warm beds for the tired guests.

In 2006, the tractor-train change with a new locomotive engine. Since spring, the guests are welcomed in the bathhouse to enjoy a new sweating shelf planks at the warmer stove heating.

In summertime 2007, for all customers offer to enjoy joyride with a cycle copters, who likes to get off the ground and to look bird’s-eye view.